Fire & Smoke Damage

Restoration Serving the East Coast & Gulf Coast States

CORE TEAM, Inc. provides emergency fire mitigation as well as fire damage restoration services to the East Coast and Gulf Coast states. Our experienced team can help you navigate through every step of the recovery process. You’ll only need to work with one company, avoiding the complication of coordinating multiple service providers throughout your fire damage cleanup process.

If your commercial property has recently experienced a fire and you’re looking for fire restoration companies “near me,” give CORE TEAM a call at 800-378-1510. We serve businesses all along the East Coast and Gulf Coast.

What Does a Fire Restoration Company Do?

The fire and smoke damage cleanup experts at CORE TEAM can stabilize the fire and smoke damage, addressing issues such as securing the property, assessing losses, removing non-salvageable debris, and performing sensitive demolition. CORE TEAM will take care of the removal of soot, odor, debris, hazardous materials, and water damage in addition to repairing the structure.

Once the property has been stabilized, our team will carefully inspect the damaged structure and identify work that is required in order to bring your building back to its pre-loss condition. We will then generate a detailed scope of work and estimate that outlines the exact procedures needed to restore the building.

Our fire damage restoration process includes:

  • Assessment and estimate: Our team will walk through the property (as much as is possible) and assess the extent of the damage to the structure and contents. An emergency mitigation plan will quickly be implemented to start mitigating damages.
  • Emergency board-up and structural shoring: To secure your property and ensure the structure doesn’t collapse, we’ll board up the doors and windows and shore up the structure temporarily.
  • Roof tarps and building shrink wrap: Before we begin the cleanup process, we will tarp and seal your property to minimize precipitation, wildlife, and other outside influences from entering the building.
  • Detailed smoke and soot cleaning: The first step in the cleaning process is to remove the massive amounts of soot and smoke odor that are generally left behind after a fire.
  • Debris removal: We will focusing on removing excess debris to make the property safer for further assessment of damages.
  • Odor control and air scrubbing: In addition to the removal of affected walls, floors, ceilings, and structural components, we use HEPA-filtered air scrubbers and other odor-fighting technologies to remove every trace of smoke odor from of your building.

Why Choose CORE TEAM as Your Fire Restoration Contractor?

When you work with CORE TEAM, you can rest assured knowing your fire damage cleaning and restoration is being handled by experienced professionals who understand what you’re going through. We know that any hiccup in the process is painful for you and for your bottom line, and our goal is always to restore your building quickly so you can get back to normal. Our building consultants are knowledgeable in Xactimate estimating software for insurance claims as well as local market conditions, and we take all building characteristics into consideration in order to provide you with the most accurate assessment of damages.

If you need a fire damage restoration company to help restore your property to its former condition, we can help. Call CORE TEAM now at 800-378-1510—we are available 24/7 to take your call.