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What is a dark store?

When a retail store closes its doors or discontinues operations at a specific site, it is considered a "dark store." Without proper upkeep, these locations can be extremely harmful to the reputation of neighboring retailers and the local community. Poorly maintained dark stores can also expose owners and tenants to increased liability or decreased property value.

CORE TEAM offers professional retail facilities maintenance solutions that keep your dark store well-maintained and routinely inspected to ensure minimal negative impact. Further, our full menu of services will prepare the property for lease termination in accordance with the lease terms.

Dark Store Management in Bethesda, MD

Property Condition Assessments & Site Inspections

Own a commercial property that has gone idle? Don't have time to check in on it regularly? We can help with our property condition assessment services. Our retail facility maintenance specialists will visit your property, assess its conditions, and help maintain its appearance so you don't lose value upon sale or become liable for damages at lease termination.

Decommissioning commercial property and restoring it to pre-occupancy condition includes a range of sensitive activities that must be carefully coordinated by a facilities maintenance contractor, including:

  • Boarding of critical windows and glass doors to reduce vandalism.
  • Capping, disassembly, and removal of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, as well as structural components and tenant-specific finishes.
  • Selective demolition and environmental remediation.
  • Property upkeep and routine maintenance services.
  • Coordination of asset liquidation, relocation, and repurposing through our asset liquidation affiliates.
Site Inspection
Closed Store Sign Removal in Bethesda, MD

De-Imaging - Branding & Sign Removal

If your store is closing, you don't want your company's name on the building anymore. We can help remove company signage and displays to get the property ready for sale to another company or turned over to the owner for lease termination.

  • Branding removal, including interior or exterior signage and display boards.
  • Repainting the building exterior to remove logos, trademarks, images, and branding schemes.

Lease Turnover Support

When a commercial lease comes to an end, the underlying question is: "What condition must the leased property be in when possession is returned to the landlord?".

In some cases, all leasehold improvements made by the tenant would remain and become the property of the landlord. The tenant may then only be required to remove personal property and return the premises in a clean, well-maintained condition. In other cases, the tenant may be obligated to return the property in the same condition in which it was originally delivered to the tenant at the commencement of the lease. For example, if the property was a 'vanilla shell,' any ("and all") build-outs, modifications, or improvements throughout the course of occupancy may require significant demolition and removal.

Choose CORE TEAM For Dark Store Management

If you're looking for a dark store company to provide maintenance or demolition services for your idle commercial property, you've come to the right place. Our team has over 25 years of experience in disaster recovery and property maintenance, and we're committed to finding the best solutions for every client.

Whether it's basic maintenance or selective demolition, the solution specialists at CORE TEAM have the expertise to help close out your lease obligations accurately and efficiently.

Let CORE TEAM take away the stress of managing a dark store. Contact our facility maintenance service company today to get started.

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