Environmental Services


There are some projects that require the assistance of qualified, experienced professionals to avoid risks to the health and safety of a building’s occupants. Whether you have an older building with asbestos or lead-based paint, you have mold problems, or your building needs a thorough cleaning and disinfection due to flooding, sewer backups, or other contamination, you can trust our experts at CORE TEAM, Inc. for help.

We offer environmental remediation services, disaster recovery services, restoration services and more. Our company is located in Maryland and serves businesses throughout the East Coast and Gulf Coast regions. With over 25 years of industry experience, we are one of the top environmental cleanup companies in the area, and you can expect nothing less than exceptional service and professional results.

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Mold Remediation Services

mold remediation companies

Some species of mold can pose serious health risks, such as allergic reactions, lung infections, and nervous system damage. At CORE TEAM, we coordinate independent mold testing and perform mold remediation services that can help you keep your building and its occupants safe. Our remediation technicians are extensively trained and certified, giving them the skills they need to remove mold safely and effectively. We have the latest equipment and technologies that allow us to effectively remediate contaminants and decontaminate the building.

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Infection Control

If your building has been subjected to flooding, sewage backups, pest infestations, or other sources of contamination, the threat of infections from viruses or bacteria can be a serious concern. At CORE TEAM, we offer infection control services that can help to clean and decontaminate your building.

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Virus and Bacteria Disinfection

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Hazmat Cleanup

environmental remediation servicesWhether you have had a chemical spill at your facility, a fuel leak, or biological contamination, our professionals at CORE TEAM can help. We offer hazmat cleanup services for substances like fuels, pesticides, chemicals, sewage, blood, and more. Our experts can seal off the affected area and use various techniques to safely clean and decontaminate your property. We have all the necessary PPE gear, equipment, and cleaning solutions to deal with a wide variety of hazardous substances, as well as the appropriate training and certification.

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