Disaster Response & Restoration Services in Huntersville, NC

Disasters like floods, storms, fires, or plumbing failures can have a huge impact on your home or business, leading to extensive damage, costly repairs, and plenty of undue stress. With a quality emergency restoration service, like our experts at CORE TEAM, Inc., you can take the steps necessary to protect your building, limit the ongoing damage, and recover swiftly from any type of disaster.

With more than 25 years of disaster restoration experience in Huntersville, NC, you can count on CORE TEAM for fast, professional services that range from fire and water damage restoration to commercial property maintenance. We serve customers throughout the East Coast and Gulf Coast regions, and we have an office right in Huntersville at 8712 Lindholm Dr. #300, Huntersville, NC 28078.

Has your Huntersville home or business suffered from a disaster? Call CORE TEAM today at 800-378-1510 or contact us online to work with an experienced and reliable fire and water damage restoration companies!

Our Disaster Response Services in Huntersville

When you need help after a fire, flood, or any other disaster in the Huntersville area, our experts at CORE TEAM are standing by and ready to help with a wide range of services that include:

We work with homeowners that have been affected by major disasters as well as businesses of all types and sizes, from restaurants and retail stores to manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and government buildings.

Fire & Water Restoration

If your home or business has been flooded due to storms, roof leaks, or plumbing problems, our professionals at CORE TEAM can remove the water, dry the structure, and restore your building back to pre-flood condition. Our process includes extracting the water, dehumidifying the structure, and checking for hidden moisture with borescopes, thermal imaging, and moisture meters. For more serious moisture problems, we also offer mold remediation services.

Fires can cause an immense amount of damage to a home or business quickly. At CORE TEAM, our experts can assess the damage to your building, remove any materials or contents that have been destroyed, and selectively demolish any areas that are not structurally sound. Then, we can eliminate smoke and soot damage, remove any lingering odors, and rebuild your structure to its original condition.

24-Hour Disaster Response Services

Disasters often happen at the most inconvenient times. When you need 24-hour emergency services in the Huntersville area, contact our professionals at CORE TEAM. We can respond quickly and we feature a large selection of equipment to help with any disaster, including water extraction equipment, negative air machines, air cleaners, generators, temporary HVAC systems, portable kitchens, restrooms, and more.

Dark Store Maintenance

A commercial property that is vacant still needs a significant amount of maintenance to keep it in good condition for the next tenant, while preventing damage from theft, vandalism, and other activities. At CORE TEAM, we can keep your retail or commercial property in great shape while preventing it from becoming a nuisance to the community. We offer commercial property maintenance services, construction, selective demolition, and more.

Call for Disaster Restoration Services in Huntersville, NC

When you need disaster restoration services that you can count on for your Huntersville home or business, trust our professionals at CORE TEAM.

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