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Core Team is committed to providing the most advanced technology on the market. Our community, essential businesses, employees, and families deserve the best cleaning and disinfection solutions available to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses during this public health emergency.

Core Team is currently available 24 / 7 to provide disinfection for most public and private sector entities as well as other essential facilities that must remain open during the COVID-19 crisis



We offer highly advanced, highly-effective disinfection services for both proactive and reactive treatments.

Proactive Service

Protective cleaning measures in advance of a confirmed case or contamination

Reactive Service

Our emergency response to a confirmed case or contamination in a property

  • EPA registered solution reduces risk of infection
  • Superior Surface Coverage – Atomized solution resulting in 360 degree “wrap around” application
  • No harmful residue
  • Touch-free. No wiping required. Prevents cross-contamination
  • More effective than handheld foggers and battery-operated sprayers.
  • Great complement to janitorial cleaning and biomass reduction

With OVER 15 YEARS OF INFECTION CONTROL EXPERIENCE, CORE personnel provides the highest quality of service while complying with the applicable safety standards.  Technicians shall comply with applicable CDC Guidelines utilizing  the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well as utilizing cleaning disinfectants products which are EPA-approved for emerging viral pathogens, including the novel coronavirus. Cleaning solution will be administered in accordance of product label and EPA guidelines.


  • Airborne Contamination and Spore Reduction– Air scrubbing and HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration, which traps and removes spores from the indoor environment.
  • Manual Cleaning and Biomass Reduction – Spray and wipe cleaning of residues from hard, non-porous surfaces such as walls, horizontal surfaces, flooring and/or contents using EPA-registered cleaning products.
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